Tips and Advice

Job search is a challenging task, one need to promote or market oneself for grabbing the right opportunity. What you need to do before, during and after the Interview is discussed here and for an effective job search. Read on the following information to know more about and get benefitted.

How to prepare for interview?

Getting ready for the interview is very crucial part in job search. The candidate prime task is to sell and put the best of the skills possessed in front of the prospective employer.

Easy tips and guidelines are here to follow at a glance which can help in succeeding.

  1. Doing the home work: Know about the company you are applying for the job before hand, because having knowledge on the company will help you understand what you are expected to do and how well you can contribute to the organisation. This also focuses that you are very much interested in the opportunity and can assess the employer’s requirements for the job position.
  2. Arrive on Time: Never be late to the interview and the first impression should be the best, navigate the route beforehand and start from home well in advance to avoid sudden circumstances or traffic issues. Also consider appropriate parking facilities which show that you are well organised and sensible enough. Remember to carry the contact person details with whom you should be meeting for the interview, if not be polite and maintain patience at the location.
  3. Be prepared: The candidate should be well prepared for the interview and be aware of any type of question and should be able to reply promptly and with confidence. Expect the worst ever questions in the interview, few of the questions are common in nature for eg. Why do you want to work here? Or why should we hire you? Practice a mock interview.
  4. Proper dressing sense: The first appearance leaves a positive or negative impression to the interviewer, so the way you groom and the most appropriate look for an interview is the formal wears keep low profile and simple take care of any tattoos or piercings which will leave an impression that you are not serious about the job.
  5. Be confident and active: While facing the interview you should be confident and be energetic with a positive approach for the questions been asked. You should sell yourself effectively and care should be taken not to over emphasize and praise self too much, just focus on the strengths, abilities, experiences and the skills you possess and can help the organisation.
  6. References: References are important to know the conduct of the employee and it is your duty to provide atleast three references such as former managers, colleagues or senior people with whom you had worked. You should keep in mind to seek permission before giving the reference contact persons information. Reference checks give an employee a confidence that the candidate possess and the genuinity of the candidature.
  7. Carrying important documents: Copies of resume or any identification proof of documents for the interview need to be carried. In case you do not have the documents which are being asked then make sure that you get them next time or forward in any other method.
  8. Show the participation: After the interviewer had asked you enough questions, be polite and convey that you have few questions, this will show that you are interested and ask questions which are related to the business or the industry and also shows that you have the reasonable knowledge about the company and that you have done enough study that you want to be part of it.
  9. Follow up: In an effective job search, it is the duty of the candidate to make a follow up with the interviewer, send a hand written note or friendly email response thanking for the time and you are interested in the job position. After a week duration try to make a call politely and ask about the decision. Every job interview is a learning experience and the candidate should be focussed on the job search to improve the scope of next job even if you do not succeed in the interview.
  10. Resume writing: Consider a professional help in making the Resume, keep updating the resume and have a career specific resumes with customised cover letters.