Our Vision and Values

Mates global is committed to provide efficient and reliable staff to its clients, our main motto is client satisfaction and help them grow their business. All our candidates are scrutinized for different levels of skills, communication capabilities, knowledge on work and working in team spirit. We strive to deliver competitiveness and maintain ethical code of conduct among the staff members. Bringing candidates with varied knowledge, skilled and semi-skilled are employed who respect time value and money while rendering their services to the employers.

Clients can rely on our system of recruitment, the commitment, excellence and accountability that we maintain makes us a trusted agent in the market. We keep updating the latest rules and regulations and comply with the Fair work commission and being active chamber member of NSW Chamber of Fruits and vegetable industry in Flemington. Such activities make us confident in providing true professional development of our staff and candidates. We treat each client with utmost importance and maintain highest standard for the opportunities and learn to improve with dignity, fair, just and be ethical in all matters.