Our Approach

MATES GLOBAL is the recruitment agency well known in the market establishment serving its clients for the last six years delivering work force in Australia. We understand the demand and the employer’s needs to grow your business. We are actively involved in a number of industry bodies and ensure to keep abreast of market trends affecting the supply and demand of human capital.

Having our recruitment agency based in Australia, we know where to look in order to find you the qualified employees you need. Many positions are highly specialized and therefore headhunting is the only way to actually get in touch with highly relevant candidates and make them aware of the opportunity that our client has to offer. We do this through direct head hunting as well as advertising, while we do use the social networks we don’t rely only on these. However, many people are registered with sites like LinkedIn or others, many are not and can only be reached through real, honest-to-goodness headhunting. We look at each individual position, decide what the best method of recruitment is and deliver the results you are expecting.

We mainly focus on International Students helping the overseas new comers, it is a big task to find right jobs to meet their expenses and living in new work environment. Our organisation offers training and counselling sessions to bridge the gap between Australian workforce and overseas work approach.