Frequently asked questions

What is our Company Purpose?

Companies hire recruiters to find just the right individuals to work for their organisation on full-time, contract or part-time positions. Our main purpose is to become a bridging for an employer and the candidate fulfilling both requirements.

What type of job you are looking?

Ask yourself this question: "Am I looking for a job in an office or warehouse?"

If the answer is yes, recruiters probably specialize in your industry or position. In fact we recruiter workers in varied industries such as Sydney markets, agriculture industry, storage and wholesale industry etc. and fill about 80 specific positions such as accountants, salesmen, general hand, process workers, pick packer etc.

If you asked the above question and the answer is no, we can make you fit for the job by training with the right skills needed for the employment with the on job training services. All you need to do is register with us and get hand on experience in the industry you are looking for the job. We basically help overseas students who wish to explore job opportunities and support their livelihood

How to Contact us?

You can choose the following methods to contact us.

  1. Walk in interview with a prior appointment and submit your resume to express your interest in the jobs you are looking for.
  2. You can use the website and upload your resume at your convenience.
  3. Create job alerts and know when the new position is available.

Are you fit for the job?

We offer on job training in the Sydney markets to enable candidates fit for the job and be confident at work place. You can register at our special services and upgrade skills, since most of our candidates are from overseas students and lack onshore work exposure. This service is specially aimed to improvise the work industry knowledge.

Can Mates Workforce find a job for me?

Mates Workforce Recruitment is a specialist recruitment agency in Sydney. We can assist you find jobs positions required for warehouse and Sydney markets. To assist you, we load your resume in our database whereby your details will be fully searchable for suitable positions as they arise. As soon as a position becomes available we discuss it with you and invite you in for an interview. We also suggest that you sign up for our Job Alerts on our website's home page, Just below the Job Search. This will ensure you do not miss any opportunities.

What is the recruitment process?

Our team has the data base and also head hunt the candidates with the priority basis and as per qualifications commencing with checking the resumes, qualifications, conduct check, reference verification and screen test the candidates on behalf of the employer and short list the eligible candidates after which they are trained on job for the initial period with a trainee pay scale, later on absorbed into the real work force.

The in-depth screening is done to build confidence in the candidate to face the job responsibilities and ensure that our clients are satisfied with the services. We evaluate the candidate’s abilities and offer the relevant job positions suitable for them.

What is the average response time for the candidates to get into the job?

On an average we short list candidates within 24 hours to 48 hours after scrutinising the qualifications and experience and called upon for further process of interview or for upgrading the skills as the case may be. Our key goal is always to provide best of the services in a very efficient, candidate and client satisfied manner.

Why you should select Mates Workforce as a recruitment agency?

We value the candidate’s expectations and try to help the right candidates as much as we can which is the reason main motto of our organisation. Our experienced recruitment consultants know the shortages and recognise the market strategies who will help you in the journey of finding the job. We deliver the services in a ethical and as per the regulations of the industry.

If you did not find the area of question related to you? Write to us we will be happy to answer your queries, contact us.